Bubble Tanks 2 Finding Sapper Fighter

This page describes for a flash game Bubble Tanks 2.

Many people reported that they cannot find Sapper Fighter. Now, I've investigated the game to find Sapper Fighter.

As far as I read the code of the game, http://swfchan.com/9/40428/info.shtml, Sapper Fighter is implemented as "Enemy_85".

  enemies.push({name:"Leecher Drone Carrier 1", id:"Enemy_48", locked:false, image:1});
  enemies.push({name:"Sapper Fighter", id:"Enemy_85", locked:false, image:1});
  enemies.push({name:"Sapper w/ Machine Gun", id:"Enemy_79", locked:false, image:1});

However, the code has a small typo, so it will never be appeared. According to the code, Sapper Fighter will be appeared only if the variable _enemySet2 is 3, but it will never be 3.

  _local4 = new Array(1, 2);
  _local6 = _local4[this.RandNum(0, _local4.length - 1)];
  _global.set3 = (this._enemySet2 = _local6);

Since the code on swfchan.com seems an old version, I also tested with the latest version on armorgames.com, but the problem seems not to be fixed.

To unlock Sapper Fighter anyway, you can modify the saved data for Bubble Tanks 2 using binary file editor. The file settings.sol for Bubble Tanks 2 will be somewhere in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\ folder.

Search it, and then open it with a binary file editor, modify one of the Enemy_<digit><digit> to Enemy_85. Then reload the game.

If you are not familiar with a binary file editor, you can use a .sol file editor instead. See Local Shared Object - Wikipedia for details.

Now Sapper Fighter has been unlocked. Note that one of the enemies will be locked as a sacrifice, so you need to find them to unlock again.

Last but not least, which enemy will be appeared is depends on an enemy-set and a distance. There is three enemy-sets and they will be rotated everytime you start the game. So you need to play the game at least three times to meet all (except Sapper Fighter) enemies. A distance means how far you are from the starting area.

Last Updated: 2010-07-04